Come join us!

 Admit it: You’ve always wanted to try martial arts.

 Mandarin Martial Arts isn’t just for kids.  In fact, martial arts training has always been for adults. Though we follow an ancient tradition, the benefits of training are very well suited to the demands of life here and now:

  • Get a fun workout that fully engages your body, mind and spirit.
  • Work off stress, fatigue, and aggression in a safe and healthy way.
  • Gain the focus, confidence and satisfaction that come from mastering physical skills.
  • Develop the techniques and inner calm you need to defend yourself if you need to.
  • Cultivate a habit of staying fit and healthy through exercise.
  • Set and achieve personal goals—whether to lose weight, increase endurance, tone your muscles, or excel at martial arts techniques.
  • Express yourself through a beautiful, powerful, challenging form of art.
  • Meet interesting new people who are pursuing similar goals.

 What Style of Karate Do You Teach?

Cuong Nhu

What Are The Benefits To The Student?

The initial benefits are physical conditioning and a sense of well-being gained through the hard workouts and the friendships gained in a healthy environment. Additionally, the workouts are an excellent method of stress reduction. As students progress through the curriculum they gain physical and mental skills to handle themselves in so called “self-defense” situations. Our school emphasizes adrenal response conditioning or in other words, “being able to keep command of yourself while in a highly stressful situation”.

What Will I Learn?

You will learn to use your entire body when exercising. You will learn techniques of self-defense from several martial arts that will enable you to utilize your own individual natural abilities to best defend yourself. You will learn more about yourself, your strengths, your weaknesses, and how to further improve yourself at your own pace.

Do I Have To Break Boards?

Board breaking is generally reserved for more advanced students (i.e. brown belts and higher). It is a means of testing your strength using karate techniques. It confirms to the individual their ability to actually apply a destructive force with their chosen techniques. It is optional and students may elect to be excused due to various reasons (i.e. age – < 16 or > 50 years old, occupational requirement for manual dexterity such as a surgeon, pianist, typist, etcetera).

Do I Have To Fight, Spar, or Grapple?

Safety is always our very first concern. Students are encouraged to begin exercises or drills for sparring and grappling soon after beginning however they are not permitted to “free spar” until their instructors have verified both their knowledge of proper technique but also superior self-control when striking at other students. Also, ALL sparring is done with proper foam safety equipment (including shins, hands, feet, groin for men, and mouth guards for all students. Foam headgear is recommended).

What Do I Wear?

The karate uniform, or “gi”, is a comfortable loose fitting 2 piece outfit. It is very functional. The cotton material helps wick away moisture which helps keep the body cooler. The lapels are reinforced so that we can practice self-defense against opponents who grab our collars. If we were to wear an ordinary T-shirt then we would be regularly ripping our clothing off. Additionally, with everyone wearing a karate gi, all students are spared physically displaying themselves. The uniform is a great equalizer. In contrast, a typical Health Club has both “macho dude” types displaying their bulging muscles with tank tops or young women displaying their bodies with either spandex or revealing outfits. The karate uniform removes all the potential for conflict. As the characters for karate literally mean, “to stop conflict”, it is appropriate.

How Long Does It Take To Reach Black Belt?

The answer generally depends on the individual and how many hours per week they are able to consistently spend training. The typical healthy student (with no special physical or mental abilities) can achieve black belt in 5 to 6 years. The important thing to realize is that all students can achieve a “black belt attitude” towards personal development. This attitude can be achieved in a much shorter length of time.

We offer you a varied and interesting workout; you won’t want to drop it when the next new fad comes along!