Great people share the same ideals; common people share the same interests”

  • Martial Arts is technical, mental, and character training.
  • Everyone talks about setting goals, here at Mandarin Martial Arts you learn how to achieve goals.
  • Our staff are not just martial arts instructors but are also motivators.
  • The workouts may be conceived as individual, but we work and train together as a team.

“There are no short cuts, because there is no end. Black Belt is just a beginning.”

  • Cuong Nhu is the ONLY martial arts style that is standardized and affiliated with over 70 schools world wide.
  • Without philosophy and mental maturity, a martial artist is just merely a trained street fighter.
  • Achievements and rewards shall be granted upon effort and commitment and not just time and payment.


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Gymnasium at Mandarin Church of God (next to Burnett Park)
3844 Burnett Park
Jacksonville, FL 32257